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Links and Resources

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Do you know where pecans came from?
The pecan is native to North America. For thousands of years before the discovery of America, North American Indians were the only people who knew about pecans. No person from any other part of the world had ever seen this nut.

Do you know who introduced pecans to the rest of the world?
Two Spanish explorers were the first to write about pecans in historical documents. In 1533, Lope de Oviedo wrote in his journal that "there were on the banks of this river many nuts, which the Indians ate." Eight years later in 1541, Cabeza de Vaca, who had been taken prisoner by the Indians, wrote about these nuts. "It is the subsistence of the people (the Indians) for two months in the year without any other thing." Both explorers observed the pecans along rivers in what is now Texas.

Do you know just how important are pecans to Texas?
The pecan is our state tree! In 1906, shortly before he died, Gov. Hogg requested that a pecan tree be planted at his grave, and that the nuts from the tree be given out to the people of Texas to plant so that Texas could become a land of trees. In 1919 the state legislature voted to make the pecan the State Tree of Texas. It was only natural that they do so because native pecan trees grow along almost every river in Texas.


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