When pecans are included in your recipe, things just taste better.
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Discover all the benefits to your health from the all natural, health-packed pecan.
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There are so many different varieties of pecans each with their own special, unique characteristics.
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Contributing Growers

September 2011 - August 2012

3-J Mesa Farms
7 C's Pecan Orchard
Anthony, James E.
Arsak, Dsbalado
Ault, Bill
Bar D River Pecans
Belding Farms
Beltran, Javier
Berdoll, Dan
Berdoll, Sebe
Brandt, Ewald T.
Brister, Michael
Bryson Farms
Bud Adams Ranch
BVH Pecans
Cain, Kim
Calderon, Salvador
Carthel, John Lee
Children's Home of Lubbock
Childress Ag
Choctaw Hill
CHS Farms
Cinco B Farms
Cullers Farms LLC
Diaz, Juan
Doskocil Farms
Dry Creek Pecan Farm
Eveler Farms
Eveler, George
Eveler, John
Eveler, Peter
Foreman, Jonnie
Fortune & Pfeiffer
Friesenhahn, Mark
Garrett, Ray
Gebert, Adolph A.
H&H Pecan
Haddix, Bill
Halfmann, Gary
Hammit Maintenance Co.
Head Ranch
Ivey, James L.
Kacir, Sidney
Knapp, Gerald
Kwiatkowski, Robert
Lampman, Jim
Lampman, Lance
Langdon, Gary
Lehman, Gary
Lobo Pecans - J.V.
Loftin, Richard
Long, Jay

Lovelace, Tom
Matthews, Gary
McCasland Farms
McClure, Wayne
McCormick, W.A.
Miller, Dustin
Miller, Jim
Millican, Bob
Miscellaneous Small Contributors
Montz, Tim
Moore, Don
Moore, Kirby
N.J. Schaefer Pecan
Ogburn, Ronnie
Olsak, Leroy
Oro Farms
Paso Pecan Farms
Payne, Robert
Pecan Bayou Farm Pecan Tex Inc. (Big Valley)
Pecan Valley Partners
Perz, Dennis
Petty, Olen
Potter Pecan
Rabel, Kenneth
Rancho la Isla
Rancho Tornillo
Rhew, Frank
Rio Bravo Farms Ltd.
Rode's West
Royalty Pecan Farms Ltd.
Russell, Dannis E.
Russell, James & Ava
San Saba Ranch
Sand Hill Pecan
Solomon, Linden
Sorrells Farm
South Country Pecans
Southard, Kenneth
Stapp, L.
Stewart Pecans
Steward, Larry
Stewart, Rob and Hope
Street, Spencer
Swift, Troy
Traylor, Randy
Trefny, Russell
Van Horn, K.D.
Walls, Dale M.
Wilks, Mark
Zajicek, Jimmy

Texas Pecan Board

PO Box 5976
Bryan, TX 77805-5976


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