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Pecan Document Forms

Please click on the following documents to download a form.

  •     First Handler's Monthly Report Form

    First Handlers are required by law to collect the assessment from growers that sell pecans and are required to collect and remit the assessment to the TPB by the 10th day of each month. First Handlers of pecans collect 1/2 cent on every pound of pecans sold and then deliver those assessments to the Texas Pecan Board. It does not matter if the grower asks the First Handler to take out the assessment, the First Handler is expected and required to deduct the assessment from each pound of pecans sold. All growers that have at least 500 pecan trees on at least 15 acres are required to pay the assessment. Any First Handler that buys pecans from an Exempt Grower must get a Grower Exemption Form signed by the grower and submit with the First Handler Monthly Report Form.

    Grower's Report Form

This form is used by pecan growers that sell pecans to First Handlers. It is a record of the sale and helps to account for the pounds of pecans sold in the state by each grower. Pecans placed in a pool or custom shelled must be recorded and the pool or custom sheller will send in the assessment.


    Grower's Exemption Form

Pecan growers with less than 500 trees on at least 15 acres are exempt from the 1/2 cent per pound assessment. If you meet this requirement then provide this form to the First Handler when you sell you pecans. The First Handler will submit this signed form with their First Handler's Monthly Report Form.







Texas Pecan Board

PO Box 5976
Bryan, TX 77805-5976


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